The future of print from a 2019 perspective

There is no doubt that print will continue to be a valuable aspect of marketing. As a target-specific medium, it makes good business sense to have print available when you come into contact with your customers especially at in a shop, retail establishment or at an event. Direct mail is the most effective way of reaching older people who are more used to the written word.

Print will continue to resonate well with luxury brands, glossy magazines and high-quality publications who will balance a multi-channel approach with their campaigns. We have also seen more people switch away from digital advertising methods relieving the pressure on print alternatives which connect with their audiences on their own terms.

Many agencies are considering print to complement their digital campaigns and entice prospects to seek and interact with them online. There will be new partnerships offline as direct mail will become one of the few ways to market that digital media can’t reach.

We are now seeing that integrated marketing campaigns are bringing the worlds of print and digital together. We are noticing integration for product launches, announcements and special events. Some audiences ignore their mountains of email, and assistants clear their inboxes with one swipe of the delete key, but an e-book … printed as a glossy brochure and mailed to the CEO’s office – has a much better chance of making an impression.

Combining new digital print technology with social media and online campaigns is the way forward even though many of our traditional customers still manage the majority of their marketing needs with print.

At the ITG (Inspired Thinking Group) conference in Birmingham in January 2019, Mary Portas, Queen of the Shops said: “The biggest disruptive aspects of the internet are convenience and time. Brands wondering what went wrong see it as a commercial issue rather than a social one, but high street shopping is about community. With data and AI, shopping is going to get more creative and interactive, which is brilliant news for consumers and entrepreneurial spirits, but this is not for the faint-hearted. The most important thing is that we have got to move forward with integrity, with things like sustainability becoming more important to customers. It will NOT all be digital; retail experiences are as much about having a conversation.”

There is undoubtedly room for tactile, printed media in the marketing mix of the most forward-thinking businesses.

“It’s fair to say ten years ago everybody thought print would be obsolete,” said ITG joint MD Sue Mountford “But it remains a relevant channel, and it supported us building a business in the middle of a recession. We have a dedicated unit specialised in print, and there is still opportunity to layer it into our client’s communications for the very best multi-channel blend.”

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