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Kenads Limited – conditions of contract

General terms

Our terms of trading are very simple. Should we make any significant error in your job that is demonstrably our fault (or that we agree is our fault) then we will reprint your job free of charge on return of all the faulty goods. We consider it your responsibility to check that any goods we supply are suitable for their intended purpose before they are used. We accept no responsibility for consequential loss, however caused. Under all circumstances our liability to you shall be limited to the invoiced value of any faulty goods. We accept no liability under any circumstances for any damage to any third party arising from the use of materials supplied by us.


We expect payment in full with the order. Until such payment is received we will not consider any job details you send to us to constitute an order and we reserve the right not to act upon any instructions you may have given us unless an agreed credit account is in place.

Written instructions

We expect clear written instructions. Please type or write in capitals. We may refuse to accept liability for errors where instructions have not been clearly written down. Don’t ring and say you are sending an order and then send it a fortnight later and expect us to remember any verbal instructions given – we deal with hundreds of people and can’t be expected to keep track of ‘potential’ orders that may never arrive.

Our estimates

Although we may give you an estimate for your job we reserve the right to adjust our price should any circumstances change that are beyond our control and effect our costs. Should this situation occur we will seek your permission before proceeding. If you refuse then we may, at our discretion, charge for the work done so far and give you any such work so that you may have the job completed elsewhere. All estimates are subject to sight of job and we reserve the right to adjust our charges should work not be as specified on our estimates. All of our estimates are only valid for a period of 30 days after which time you should request a new price.

Price increases

We try to be flexible when it comes to applying price fluctuations that our trade customers may be unaware of but whether we enforce a price increase will always be at our discretion. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that our prices are acceptable before instructing us to start a job. We publish prices of the more regular items we print on our website and any other price can be obtained from us by requesting an estimate. Since many things can increase our costs we reserve the right to alter our prices without notice. The price we charge for any job shall be the price in force on the day it was ordered.

Your materials

Although we take great care of customers property whilst it is in our possession we consider anything you send to us to be sent totally at your risk and do not accept responsibility for loss or damage however caused. We will return your property via normal letter post unless specifically instructed otherwise. Return of your property via other methods at your request may be charged for. Should loss or damage occur in transit then our liability shall not exceed the value of any subsequent insurance claim paid by the carrier to us.

Our materials

All intermediate work, files, plates, films etc. that we produce whilst processing your job shall at all times remain our property. Access to such material is entirely at our discretion.

Colour matching

Please remember that the range of colours (colour gamut) that can be produced on a press in CMYK is very limited compared to the colour gamut of a print or transparency. For this reason we cannot guarantee colour matching. Every image is individually checked after separation, colour corrected if required, re-touched (within reason) and sharpened as appropriate. Our scanner, re-touching station and separation software are carefully calibrated to the printable CMYK colour space.


Any artwork and design we undertake for a client will be priced subject to sight of copy. Whilst a small amount of corrections will be amended at no extra cost, larger alterations will be chargeable, if extra costs are to be incurred you will be advised prior to commencement. Artworks will be proofed by a PDF file at no extra charge unless a hard copy is requested (at an extra cost). Work will not be printed until we have the final approval from the client, only written approval will be accepted either by letter or email. Once final approval has been given Kenads will not be liable for any errors contained within the job. It is recommended that all details are checked carefully by at least two people as any errors after final approval are your responsibility. All artworks and websites produced by Kenads will remain the property of Kenads Limited until the release fee has been paid in full. A release fee will be given once a formal written request has been submitted in writing.

Our quality standards

Should we supply you with work that through our fault is demonstrably inferior to normal quality standards prevailing in the printing trade for a similar price then we will consider ourselves to have failed to meet minimum standards and you are entitled to a reprint or at our discretion a discount for the work printed may be given. Normally we aim for higher quality results than those prevailing amongst similarly priced printers and this is what makes our print services excellent value rather than just inexpensive.

Errors in your computer files

Anyone can produce some form of artwork on disk but producing commercial quality artwork involves skill and experience. Unless we are being specifically asked and paid to get involved with artwork we believe it is unfair for customers to expect us to edit or verify their work free of charge. We do not consider it our responsibility to ensure the quality of what you send us. If we see errors in your work we will inform you and allow you to make alterations but any costs we have incurred up until that point may be charged for if we think they are becoming unreasonable. Any changes you ask us to make will be entirely at your responsibility even if in altering your files we make other errors (many repro houses/printers will refuse to edit customer’s files so as not to open this potential can of worms). We do not consider it our responsibility to spot errors in your files, nor to correct them, and you should treat our checking processes as a final safeguard – not as a free proofing service. Please bear in mind that, although we will not knowingly output faulty computer files, quality is a very subjective thing and it is not our responsibility to decide if your artwork is suitable for your purpose. If you decide to submit your own computer artwork for print then you must verify it yourself before sending it to us. Ultimately all we guarantee is that it will be printed to a good commercial standard. We are usually happy (at our sole discretion) to offer free help and advice to ensure that your jobs run smoothly and that you are pleased with the results but it is offered strictly in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Our errors

In the unlikely event of us supplying you with faulty work due to error or omission on our part (excluding errors arising from us having to edit your files or if your instructions are unclear) we will re-do your job again free of charge on return of the faulty goods. We only guarantee colour matching on jobs that we print within commercially acceptable limits. We may not accept responsibility for some errors if you do not supply suitable colour separated and composite proofs and any required fonts or related files along with written instructions. We will keep your job on our computer system for 5 working days after it has been despatched. We may refuse to re-run jobs free of charge that have been returned to us on disk as faulty after this period. It is up to you to ensure that any materials supplied are suitable for your purposes BEFORE they are used. We do not under any circumstances accept responsibility beyond the invoiced value of the work we have supplied.


If you are supplying computer artwork don’t forget to set trapping/overprint values as you require. We cannot accept responsibility for the fit of incorrectly or un-trapped jobs. We recommend a trap width of 0.2mm.

Hard copy proofs

If you are supplying computer artwork we strongly recommend that you print all four colour separations of your job on a postscript laser or similar. If you can successfully print separations then the chances are that we will also be able to. This will also enable you to spot separation errors such as RGB graphics etc. Set your printer driver to download all fonts as outlines. Once you are happy with your separations print out a composite or a colour ink jet proof or similar and send all these proofs to us with your job. We strongly recommend that you use a postscript device for all proofing. These simple precautions will remove most problems before they have chance to waste our time and your money. We may refuse to accept responsibility for errors if you do not supply suitable proofs with your job.

Our right to refuse

We reserve the right to refuse to accept an order or to reject any partially complete order without reason given. This especially but not exclusively applies where we consider the material to be derogatory, indecent, libellous, racist, inflammatory or designed to mislead the public or promote any illegal activity.

Resolving disputes

If all reasonable avenues of dispute resolution have been exhausted and either party resorts to court action then the case must be dealt with at a session local to us here in Worthing. This also applies in cases where we are applying for court judgement against customers for non/late payment.


Contract between us shall be interpreted in accordance with English Law. Since we only accept work on the basis of the terms here stipulated any transaction between us shall be deemed to incorporate the above terms and conditions which shall take precedence over all other conditions unless we have agreed otherwise in writing
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