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Versatile flyers and leaflets create maximum exposure for your business

We can use your own personal design or create one for you

Flyers and leaflets are a great way to increase your brand’s awareness, advertise an event, special offer, promote a new product or service to new and existing customers. Starting with a blank canvas it is a relatively easy and cost-effective way to communicate a message promoting your business whatever the occasion. Flyers can be designed in various sizes from A7 through to A3, they can be single-sided or double-sided and can be folded in various styles according to their target audience or, for the audiences’ convenience. There is a wide choice of papers available for flyers and we are always happy to show customers samples of paper in different weight options (150 gsm, 235 gsm, 300 gsm, 400 gsm etc) and finishes (matt, silk and gloss).

Fast and affordable good quality flyers and folded leaflets

A7 flyers are setting trends

A7 flyers are very trendy at the moment and can be printed in any of the paper weights. A7, half the size of A6, is just a little larger than your average business card. This size is ideal if you are looking for something slightly different, which can be popped into a purse or pocket, to look at later.

A6 postcard sized flyers can make a real impact

A6 flyers are very popular and exceptional value for money. When you print on both sides you have as much room to promote your business as you would with a single sided A5 flyer. This size is very popular for door-to-door delivery and ideally prints best on 350 gsm paper with a gloss or matt laminate coating. They also work well for a small scale mail shot. The A6 flyer is an ideal handout especially for music events, fashion promotions, sports clubs, charity events and night clubs.

A5 flyers remain the most popular size

We print more A5 flyers and leaflets than any other size. This best-selling flyer is very cost-effective, easy to notice and pick-up on the move. The A5 flyer, half an A4 sheet in size, can contain lots of information allowing business to showcase their events, services or products to the maximum. The A5 leaflet is used both single-sided and double-sided depending on the length of your message. If you are handing out flyers, distributing them through doors or leaving them somewhere for customers to pick-up, consider the weight and finish carefully. Too thin and they won’t easily go through a letterbox, too thick and they could be more expensive to post. Please ask our advice regarding the stock when you enquire by phone or email.

A4 creative flyers and leaflets folded to DL and A5

A4 flyers can also be used as a small poster if space on your office noticeboard is limited. Frequently, they are used for pub or restaurant menus, information sheets, short product manuals and also to promote events. The A4 leaflet is a great format in which to say a lot. You can be creative with the style and express the ethos of your business or event in great detail. The A4 flyer can be designed in various formats such as a folded A5 with 4 pages as well as a DL fold leaflet which provides 6 slim sides for copy. The DL sized leaflet is ideal for price lists, gift vouchers, health and sports centres and is frequently used for advertising English Heritage and National Trust Houses and Gardens. The tall slim format is elegant and handy for display stands in hotels, leisure centres, libraries and council offices. This folded DL size looks equally impressive in a matt, gloss or silk finish and, together with a visually stunning design, will guarantee it will be head and shoulders above the rest on display.

A3 folded flyers and leaflets offer great opportunities

If you are looking for even more space then the more unusual A3 flyer/leaflet, which can be folded to suit your promotional needs, offers a vast area for multi-offers and customer information. These are particularly popular for seasonal promotions at Christmas, retail and supermarket special offers as well as DIY and furniture specials. The A3 leaflet format works extremely well for charts, maps, infographics and small posters. If you are looking for extra capacity then the A3 flyer or leaflet is the perfect choice with ample space for great graphics, images and dynamic text. There would be little chance of your customers missing the message. Please ask us about the kind of paper weight which is most suitable for these large leaflets as it depends on how they will be used, displayed and distributed as to which paper stock works best.

The new stylish square flyers and leaflets

One of the latest styles is a square flyer which not only look different but really stand out. If they are printed on one of the high quality papers or special papers, a square flyer will really highlight your business as being special. They can be used for many promotions – a starter business, a fashion shop, restaurant or club hand-out, bar promotion, open day, art gallery invitation or creative event. However you use the square leaflet, they will make your business appear a cut above the rest.

Slim A5 flyers and cards

If you are looking for value, then a smaller slim A5 sized flyer makes a stylish handout or mail option that will fit into customers' pockets with ease. It’s virtually a 2 for 1 option as you can plan two from a double sided A5 flyer. You will need to use a stronger paper stock than the usual A5 flyer but the result is a bite-sized practical alternative to the normal A5 flyer that will create an impact. They make excellent tickets, vouchers and exhibition flyers; artists love their flexibility and, used with a special lamination effect or velvet finish, they will certainly turn heads.

Choosing papers for flyers and leaflets

Below are just a few choices of the papers we offer
  • 135 gsm gloss
  • 170 gsm silk
  • 250 gsm gloss
  • 250 gsm UV varnish
  • 300 gsm offset
  • 400 gsm silk

Choosing finishes for flyers and leaflets

Our laminated options will add a beautiful finish to your flyers and leaflets that will be perfect to highlight your promotion. Adding a special effect such as UV or one of our new, sparkly eye-catching finishes will create a simply stunning finish to your flyers and leaflets.
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