Company print ordering made easy

Save time and money ordering company print via a portal?

Did you know your employees could use our print portal to streamline your company print ordering processes, ensuring consistent brand quality and reducing staff time? Why not make life easier and faster? Our web-to-print online service is perfect for local orders and even better if you have staff located across the country or globally.

How does a Print Portal work?

Firstly, it can be set up for as few or as many employees as you like. The portal will contain frequently needed business documents and marketing materials. Being able to log in and order, change basic information or employee details, for such items as business cards, for example, will ensure your branding remains consistent and that orders arrive on time and directly to the person for whom they are intended.

A portal cuts out the need for employees to produce materials themselves making it easy for staff and offices, in the field, to order pre-existing materials and turn projects around much quicker.

Online Print Portals for all kinds of businesses, charities and organisations

Each portal is set up specifically for the company or charity, and the catalogue includes thumbnail images of the pieces of print available, the sizes and paper stock. Users will order materials as they need them and is much easier than emailing a customer services, representative, a production manager or administrator. The person ordering will select the quantity, shipping location and make any changes for personalised stationery such as business cards.

The portal will contain the order history and streamline the process from ordering to accounts. Print quantities can be limited to your set needs and access is through a company login, with individual members of staff having their own system password.

Our customers have different reasons for using the portal. Some want to make it easier for their staff, others need to keep a consistency of brand and quality and others like the improved control from an inventory perspective.

Additional company benefits include free delivery on all items within the UK. A fast turn-around and guaranteed first-class customer service from start to finish.

Promotional cards are produced for staff keep on their desks/bulletin boards for easy ordering.

Senior managers can have access to all the orders that are processed and the authority to sign them off. This helps the company keep a check on monthly and quarterly budgets and ensures that staff do not over-order items.

Promotional items

When it comes to promotional items, then we can add these into the process. Charities, in particular, have found pens, coasters and ID cards are easy to order and save a lot of time.

If you think this will work for your company, please don’t hesitate to give Ian a call on 01903 506444 or use our online contact form.

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