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At this moment in time, the health of our staff and customers is our highest priority. We’ve already implemented a number of additional precautions in line with WHO guidelines and the Government’s recommendations and continue to be guided by their latest advice.

Whatever occurs we will be contactable on the same channels as usual and will continue to react as quickly as possible to all enquiries.

Everyone at Kenads Printer is working tirelessly to ensure we continue to provide you with the level of service and quality you’d expect from us during these challenging times. We wish you all the best and will be in touch with any further updates regarding this situation.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or quote requests.

Our Price Match Guarantee: Spring Savings on any new or repeat orders over £500!

Kenads Printers are giving you the opportunity to save money on your springtime orders. We will match or beat any print estimate for a single print job that is over £500 (Ex VAT).

This can be anything from Presentation Folders to Perfect Bound Books, Magazines to Leaflets and Flyers.

Simply contact Ian who will be pleased to help you:
01903 506444

Perfect bound books and brochures – showcase your products and services.

If you are looking for a great looking brochure or booklet – perfect bound printing is a great option. Perfect binding can be used on documents from 40 pages upwards and on runs from 1 to 500. It’s hardly surprising it has become such a popular choice.

At Kenads Printers, we offer a range of perfect bound choices: A4, A5, A6 and all sizes in between – landscape and portrait. Perfect binding provides a professional finish for manuals, prospectuses, short stories, employee handbooks, account reports and product brochures.

Our customers include manufacturers and publishers, independent schools, universities and colleges, businesses and charitable organisations.

If you don’t know much about perfect bound printing, it is a process usually recommended when the document is too thick to be saddle-stitched or stapled. We use this binding method for magazines, reports and thicker booklets as it binds the pages together with adhesive along the spine for a smooth and smart finish. The adhesive we use is Planamelt R which is flexible and not brittle and offers a good tolerance with high and low temperatures. This means that when the brochures are opened out, the spine will not crack and the pages will stay in place.

We have been printers for over 38 years and offer the best advice to companies and agencies wanting a quality product at a good price. We have an excellent range of paper and finishes, we provide matt and gloss lamination as well as foiling and embossing at our printers in Worthing, West Sussex.

Covers can be silk, gloss coated or even uncoated with or without lamination and ideally printed on 250 gsm stock. For a high-quality finish, we would always recommend laminating a cover, especially if it has a high ink coverage.

Inner text pages can be uncoated, silk or gloss and our recommended paper weights range from 100 gsm to 170 gsm for inner pages.

When designing your perfect bound brochure or report, we will be happy to advise you on the safe area to leave along the spine edge to make sure the crease comes in the right place. We are happy to work with your designers, or we can quote to design and print your brochure.

If you are a publisher, manufacturer or, an organisation wanting a short run of annual reports, for example, please get in touch for a quote, or we can meet to discuss your requirements.

Printed Wall and Desktop Calendars 2022

Get ahead, order your promotional print and Christmas cards before the rush.

Kenads offers a wide range of options for high-quality promotional calendar printing. We offer long and short print runs, bespoke designs, a range of sizes and template styles and the best prices locally.

Whether you run a company or a charity and, are looking at a either a promotional product or one to sell, come and speak to us first. We can offer exceptional quality calendars at competitive prices.

We have over 35 years of print experience and have produced calendars for companies and individuals in all sizes. You can choose from A3 and A4 wall calendars, double A4 calendars, booklet calendars, desktop calendars, slimline calendar and CD case calendars. Whatever your requirements, we can give you all the help and advice you require.

We are already taking orders for company printed calendars and can design these with your logo, brand colours and fonts. We encourage you to talk to one of our team to discuss your exact needs and specifications. We’re confident we can offer you exceptional quality and a competitive price.

Printed Company Christmas Cards

We encourage our regular customers to order their Christmas cards early so that their staff have plenty of time to sign and address their cards at the beginning of December. This means that your cards will arrive in plenty of time for Christmas and be on view for longer.

Our Christmas cards are great value and we offer a range of beautiful designs as well as the opportunity for your own designs and branded cards. Do ask us for a quote as cards can be ordered is small or large quantities.

Promotional Christmas products

Christmas and New Year are an excellent time to tell people about your business or organisation.

In addition to calendars and cards, we offer a whole range of promotional products for business giveaways from pens and mugs to printed notebooks and personalised diaries.
Contact our design team today on 01903 506444 to talk about your requirements.

Company print ordering made easy

Save time and money ordering company print via a portal?

Did you know your employees could use our print portal to streamline your company print ordering processes, ensuring consistent brand quality and reducing staff time? Why not make life easier and faster? Our web-to-print online service is perfect for local orders and even better if you have staff located across the country or globally.

How does a Print Portal work?

Firstly, it can be set up for as few or as many employees as you like. The portal will contain frequently needed business documents and marketing materials. Being able to log in and order, change basic information or employee details, for such items as business cards, for example, will ensure your branding remains consistent and that orders arrive on time and directly to the person for whom they are intended.

A portal cuts out the need for employees to produce materials themselves making it easy for staff and offices, in the field, to order pre-existing materials and turn projects around much quicker.

Online Print Portals for all kinds of businesses, charities and organisations

Each portal is set up specifically for the company or charity, and the catalogue includes thumbnail images of the pieces of print available, the sizes and paper stock. Users will order materials as they need them and is much easier than emailing a customer services, representative, a production manager or administrator. The person ordering will select the quantity, shipping location and make any changes for personalised stationery such as business cards.

The portal will contain the order history and streamline the process from ordering to accounts. Print quantities can be limited to your set needs and access is through a company login, with individual members of staff having their own system password.

Our customers have different reasons for using the portal. Some want to make it easier for their staff, others need to keep a consistency of brand and quality and others like the improved control from an inventory perspective.

Additional company benefits include free delivery on all items within the UK. A fast turn-around and guaranteed first-class customer service from start to finish.

Promotional cards are produced for staff keep on their desks/bulletin boards for easy ordering.

Senior managers can have access to all the orders that are processed and the authority to sign them off. This helps the company keep a check on monthly and quarterly budgets and ensures that staff do not over-order items.

Promotional items

When it comes to promotional items, then we can add these into the process. Charities, in particular, have found pens, coasters and ID cards are easy to order and save a lot of time.

If you think this will work for your company, please don’t hesitate to give Ian a call on 01903 506444 or use our online contact form.


Print finishing and digital foiling

Foiling, Spot UV, Embossing and Print Finishes

At Kenads Printers, all our print finishing processes including foiling, spot UV and embossing, are managed in-house which enables us to offer competitive prices, high-quality and a fast turn-around if required.
Ask about how we can make your print stand out from the crowd and place you streaks ahead of your competition.
Kenads Printers has over 37 years experience in the print industry and provides a full range of print finishes including lamination, foiling, die cutting, numbering, perforation, perfect binding, die stamping, stitching, folding, rounded corners, scoring and slitting, drilling and digital foiling.

Digital Foiling

We use the most up-to-date methods which reduce production time. Foiling used to be an expensive technique, but changes in technology have brought it within reach of smaller businesses, one-offs and low quantities of print are easily undertaken. We can even add personalisation at a little extra cost.
Foiling is available in a range of colours in addition to gold and silver. The technique produces a higher quality visual on both print and promotional items.


Kenads can achieve excellent effects with embossing, which is raising the image or text. Embossing is used in many different ways with various dies and, at different levels. Debossing is the opposite of embossing and produces an indented look which can be effectively used on thicker materials and, on book covers. These techniques are impressive from both a visual and a touch perspective.


If you wanted to make, a brochure or report look prestigious and, improve its longevity, ask about our range of varnishes. In addition to applying these to covers, they can also be used inside a brochure. A shiny gloss varnish will improve the look of a photograph or graphic feature. A matt varnish provides a smooth finish which doesn’t reflect the light and a silk varnish is somewhere between the two.

Spot UV

If you have a particular item on the page, such as a logo, that you want to stand out, spot UV can add vibrancy to just that item which then becomes a compelling visual element on the page. This method is particularly effective following the use of matt lamination and then adding a spot UV.
Please ask for further details via our contact form or give us a ring on 01903 506444

The future of print from a 2019 perspective

There is no doubt that print will continue to be a valuable aspect of marketing. As a target-specific medium, it makes good business sense to have print available when you come into contact with your customers especially at in a shop, retail establishment or at an event. Direct mail is the most effective way of reaching older people who are more used to the written word.

Print will continue to resonate well with luxury brands, glossy magazines and high-quality publications who will balance a multi-channel approach with their campaigns. We have also seen more people switch away from digital advertising methods relieving the pressure on print alternatives which connect with their audiences on their own terms.

Many agencies are considering print to complement their digital campaigns and entice prospects to seek and interact with them online. There will be new partnerships offline as direct mail will become one of the few ways to market that digital media can’t reach.

We are now seeing that integrated marketing campaigns are bringing the worlds of print and digital together. We are noticing integration for product launches, announcements and special events. Some audiences ignore their mountains of email, and assistants clear their inboxes with one swipe of the delete key, but an e-book … printed as a glossy brochure and mailed to the CEO’s office – has a much better chance of making an impression.

Combining new digital print technology with social media and online campaigns is the way forward even though many of our traditional customers still manage the majority of their marketing needs with print.

At the ITG (Inspired Thinking Group) conference in Birmingham in January 2019, Mary Portas, Queen of the Shops said: “The biggest disruptive aspects of the internet are convenience and time. Brands wondering what went wrong see it as a commercial issue rather than a social one, but high street shopping is about community. With data and AI, shopping is going to get more creative and interactive, which is brilliant news for consumers and entrepreneurial spirits, but this is not for the faint-hearted. The most important thing is that we have got to move forward with integrity, with things like sustainability becoming more important to customers. It will NOT all be digital; retail experiences are as much about having a conversation.”

There is undoubtedly room for tactile, printed media in the marketing mix of the most forward-thinking businesses.

“It’s fair to say ten years ago everybody thought print would be obsolete,” said ITG joint MD Sue Mountford “But it remains a relevant channel, and it supported us building a business in the middle of a recession. We have a dedicated unit specialised in print, and there is still opportunity to layer it into our client’s communications for the very best multi-channel blend.”

You can read the full article at

or call us today to discuss your print requirements.

Kenads Printers – greener, cleaner and more environmentally friendly

As you know, we all have an impact on the environment, and here, at our Worthing printers, it is no different. However, as a company, we are very conscious of our responsibilities and we not only recycle waste paper but ink tins, printing plates and industrial wipes.

We use vegetable based inks, all our plate making is chemical free, and we use shredded postal waste paper for packing.

Our team encourages our clients to opt for FSC papers or those in the Carbon Capture Scheme over recycled papers, as nowadays recycled papers often have a greater carbon footprint. Kenads became a Carbon Capture Company back in 2015.

We take our corporate social responsibility very seriously and work towards reducing as many impacts on the environment as we can. The Carbon Capture Scheme, with Woodland Carbon, helps companies reduce their carbon footprint with a tree planting scheme in the UK.

We are proud to be part of creating new woodlands and harnessing the power of nature, by the most simple and natural way to reduce carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

Trees provide us with the oxygen with which to breath and are much-loved homes to a myriad of creatures from bees and butterflies to dormice and birds.

We all love to spend time outside and being part of planting new woodland and increasing recreational spaces for people in the UK is an aspect of working at our printers which we all appreciate. The UK is one of the least wooded countries in Europe, with tree cover of just 13% compared to a European average of 37%. By reducing our business’s carbon footprint and supporting nature and recreation, at the same time, it is a win-win situation not only for us but also for our customers across the South. 

We look forward to seeing more native woods and trees in the UK for everyone to enjoy.

If you would like to know more, please visit

The Woodland Carbon projects are managed to national forestry standards and are publicly registered and independently verified. We are therefore confident that we are partners in a responsible scheme that follows forest management standards and procedures.

The advantages of using a print portal

What is a print portal?

It is a quick and easy way for your staff to go online and order their business cards, stationery, sales catalogues and flyers. Our web-to-print process is especially good if you have branches in different locations.

How many employees can use the print portal?

We can set up the portal to be used by as few or as many employees as you like.

What kinds of quantities can my employees order?

The quantities can be customised to your requirements. For example, if you do not want your employees to order more than 200 business cards – this can be the limit.

With letterheads, we can set differing amounts as we understand that some branches may use more than others. These can range from 100 to 10,000 for example.

Will using a portal keep my brand consistent?

Yes, this is the best way to ensure that when different members of staff order print, your brand messaging will stay the same.

How easy is the portal to access?

Your company will have a personal login and members of staff will have their own passwords on the system.

Can different employees change the details on business cards?

Yes, the template will remain the same and each member of staff who orders business cards enters their own name and contact details without compromising your company branding.

Does using a print portal save us time?

Yes, and the turn-around is much quicker as the templates are set up for you. Your staff will just have to enter their personal details and branch details (if applicable) and the turn-around time is cut because it goes straight into our system.

Can I order more than just stationery?

Yes, we can add promotional products such as corporate gifts, pens, coasters, ID cards etc. It is very user-friendly and slick.

How can I keep control of my budget?

Your senior managers can have access to all the orders that go through with the ability to authorize orders. This keeps a check on monthly/quarterly budgets and assures companies that staff are not over-ordering items.

What other benefits are there?

Free delivery on all items.
A fast turn-around.
Guaranteed first class customer service from start to finish.
Promotional cards for staff keep on their desks/bulletin boards for easy ordering.

Bigger, better or large format – we can print it!

If you are looking to make a statement or require new exhibition graphics for your autumn conferences; pop-up banners; super large posters; external banners; internal displays or big graphics or images, we now print to virtually any size in our Worthing printers.

We even designed and printed the large graphics on the side of the recycling trucks for Adur & Worthing Council.

Exhibition solutions

If you need large format to stand out at exhibitions, we can design and print high quality digital graphics to fit all your display options.

Roller banners, pop-ups, portable displays, photographic inserts and modular display stands will increase your visibility and will get your stand noticed at any event.

We can design, supply and print fresh graphics to fit most displays or we can supply the complete system if you require.

Foamex Panels

Our production process allows us to print directly onto foamex panels which can be used for signage, exhibitions, backdrops and presentations.

Foamex is light and easy to use and can be trimmed to size to meet your purpose.

Supersize prints on canvas

Show off your own photography on large canvas prints. Bring your rooms to life with prints that bring art and photography directly to the walls in your home or office.

Create a lasting impression in your place of work, school, college or university with large format prints of your products, your staff, your pupils and their achievements. Show your products and services larger than life.

Our brand new fine art and poster printer can produce images onto poster paper up to 1.4 metres wide and up to 30 metres in length.

Large format can be your dream solution

Poster printing and A board prints are available from A2 to a massive A0
Costs for A1 posters start at just £9.00 plus VAT

Using A boards outdoors then why not ask us for weatherproof PVC to keep your message clear and bright?

Whatever your large format needs – just ring us or ask for a quick quotation.

An interview with Ian Strudwick, CEO of Kenads Printers

Ian Strudwick, CEO of Kenads Printers in Worthing, talks about how he started in print, the changes in technology and how adding value to their customer relationships has been core to their business development.

How did you get into print?

I was just 21 and, at the time, my dad was running Kenads Printers together with my stepmother and one other person in the print room. I was just finishing a four-year apprenticeship as a mechanic and had three months of my City & Guilds to complete before I became fully qualified. Not surprisingly, our lives were thrown into disarray when my stepmother eloped with our print worker leaving dad to run the business on his own.

Dad’s background was sales, and I felt duty bound to do my best to pick up the ropes. All we had was a Heidelberg GTO and a Multilith 1250 – so I had to learn the hard way. Most of it was self-taught but my mechanic’s training certainly came in useful. Dad’s friends in print used to pop down after work and give me some extra tuition.

What did you enjoy most?

It was the long hours. I was young, enthusiastic and soaked up everything that was said. I worked all hours to get the jobs done – sometimes until three in the morning. Although, not good for relationships, the satisfaction of starting with nothing and then, at the end of the day, seeing a finished job was very rewarding. You took your time to get it right, it involved a lot of skill and produced great satisfaction and pride.

That’s where Kenads personal service started. We go that extra mile to perfect each job even when customers require a fast turnaround and competitive prices.

How did your wide range of print products develop?

Over the years we have had to diversify as the world of print was continually offering new ideas, papers, inks, formats and finishes. When we first started, items like plates and film were out-sourced to other businesses. Little by little, we increased our knowledge and skills, invested in machinery and offered those services ourselves.

Computers came along and the printing scene started to move quickly. In school, I was in the first year who were taught ‘O’ level computer studies and, came top of the class. In the 6th form, as our teachers knew less than us, I was offered a job teaching years 3 and 4. I could have gone into computing but loved cars and wanted to get my hands dirty and so began my mechanic’s apprenticeship.

What do you think of print technology today?

Over the past ten years it has changed beyond recognition from the days of bromide, film and plates.

We purchased our first digital press around the Millennium. It was an Oki, which printed business cards in colour – a revolution at the time! Digital print is continually evolving and I still love the technology. We have recently invested in a new Ricoh Pro C7100 which we use for short run leaflets, business cards and booklets of 500 copies or less. We can turn these around on the same day if necessary.

The new press also offers a 5th colour, can also print in white (on a black card for example) and print clear. On a brochure, we can add a glossy UV effect, on the cover or, throughout and on selected pages. The digital press will also print on paper weights up to 400 gsm and can print banners 710 mm x 320mm as well as 6-page A4 brochures.

We also have the latest digital poster printer for banners up to 44 inches wide which is larger than A0. An excellent way to reproduce fine art prints, pop-up banners and roller banners.

Are you accredited with any ISO or environmental standards?

We are very aware of environmental issues and operate a carbon reduction strategy. We do as much as we can to help the environment including recycling waste paper, printing plates and ink tins as well as industrial wipes. We use vegetable based inks, our plate-making is now chemical free and we use shredded waste for packaging.

Whenever and wherever possible, we print on either FSC (approved papers from sustainable sources) or recycled papers. As a member of Woodland Carbon our customers have the opportunity to capture the carbon from paper purchases by planting native woodland in the UK.

Just recently we have been awarded ISO 9001:2015 for High-Quality Lithographic and Digital Printing, Design and Marketing.

We are also British Printing Industries Federation members which ensures we keep up with developments in a sector which is constantly evolving.

Do you ever take your foot off the gas?

No, not really – I live and breath it 24 hours a day and, it’s probably not good for my health but, I have a great wife that reminds me regularly to take it easy. I do enjoy holidays much more when I take them.

What makes Kenads Printers different from other printers?

That question is easy and, has to be, going that extra mile. I can say, in all honesty, we have always gone over and above when it comes to offering a personal service and being honest.  I am extremely proud of all of my staff, our ethos and how everyone in the team works together to offer a high-quality end product backed up by good service.

All printers complete on price, but at Kenads Printers, we endeavour to find the right solution at the right price, which is why so many people recommend us. People ask us for advice on the most cost-effective way to design, produce and print their marketing materials. We have an experienced and skilled team whose breadth of knowledge ensures each client receives the very best. We try to work with the customer and adapt to the customer’s needs.

We also include free delivery with all our orders, small and large. Nothing is too much trouble.

How would you describe your typical customers?

In the old days, our typical customer would have been a manufacturing business, particularly for printed manuals but we have diversified to address our customers’ needs which can vary from a single individual to a national company.

Where are your customers based?

We have a considerable number of clients based in and around the Worthing, Brighton and Chichester areas but we have many across other parts of East and West Sussex including the busy industrial centres of Crawley, Gatwick and Horsham. We print and deliver to companies in London as well as the south including Surrey, Hampshire and Kent.

Is it a challenge running a family business?

Yes, more of a challenge than it used to be. Most clients are looking purely at cost comparisons. We need to be highly competitive as well as offer the best service.

What is the most important thing you have learned in your career?

To be honest. I have found that if something can’t be done explain to the customer. Don’t promise something that you can’t fulfil.

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently?

On the print side, I should have gone into e-commerce at the start, but I didn’t initially see the potential. I loved creating websites and technology but, as a family business, we were incredibly busy during that period and there was just no time. The majority of our clients were set in their ways and, it wasn’t until dad retired in 2004, that we began to show more of our work online.

… and looking forward?

Kenads is developing all the time. We now employ ten people, invest in new technology and are always looking to provide more than our competitors.

As printers we offer a vast range of products and the very best service; we can turn around jobs quickly if clients need us to; we can print litho and digital, at superb quality; offer competitive prices and we are the most friendly and honest printers you will find!