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Brochure printing is one of the best ways to boost your business and, as one of the most diverse print products available, they are suited to many situations. Our quality brochures, in a silk, gloss or a matt finish, are an inexpensive way to promote your business, products and services or to keep your staff informed through a company newsletter, training information or sales material.

Brochures are often regarded as more corporate than booklets but the names are frequently interchangeable. Brochures are not always bound, they can be created from a single sheet and folded into bi-folds, tri-folds, z-folds and custom folds.

Folded brochures

Producing a folded brochure requires a little more technical know-how than just producing a leaflet, as the alignment needs to be precise. If you are preparing your own artwork our in-house designers can advise you on ‘creep’ to ensure your brochure looks professional in every way.

Sales brochures

Brochures are often used by sales staff and service personnel as additional reference material adding detail regarding your company, product range or new service. They are often the final piece of literature which is handed out before closing a sale.

We print a wide range of brochures and booklets for a wide variety of clients who sell all over the world.

Kenads Printers are happy to advise you on the best printing technique, digital or litho, for printing your brochures taking into account the quantity you order, your brochure format and the standard of the finish.

Brochure ranges

We print a complete range of brochures for businesses across Sussex who market their products and services to a diverse audience. They are available in different sizes A4, A5, and A6 as well as custom sizes such as the more contemporary square booklets.

Brochure folding options

Customising your brochures has never been easier and we make it possible to print short and long runs at a low cost for a high-quality printed brochure. We offer the following folding options on brochures:

  • Half-fold
  • Tri-fold (often referred to as DL or letter-fold)
  • Z-fold (3 panels – 6 pages)
  • Double parallel fold (4 panels – 8 pages)
  • Right-angle half fold (4 panels – 8 pages)
  • Accordion-fold (4 panels – 8 pages)
  • Gate-fold (3 panels – 6 pages)
  • Double-gate fold (4 panels – 8 pages)

We can print any size of brochure A4, A5 and A6 to custom sizes such as square and slim portrait which can be laminated, encapsulated and embossed. We can also save you time and money with our direct mailing services.

Choosing the right paper for your product

If you are not sure of the kind of paper you would like your brochure printed on, please ask us to send you some samples. Choosing the correct weight of paper and also the finish, taking into consideration pages and folds will ensure your brochure will look professional and will impress your customers.

High-quality 150 gsm silk is a popular paper but many companies prefer 130 gsm gloss for their booklets or a 120 gsm Bond recycled stock which says a great deal about your company or organisation from an environmental perspective. Selecting the stock to make your booklet feel good to the touch, bring out the colour in your images and to make a lasting impression.

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