The Power of Print

It is good to know that, even in this digital age, well designed, fine print is a real asset to any company’s marketing strategy.

Print is one of the oldest forms of marketing dating back to pre-Egyptian times when information was exchanged on rolls of papyrus. Many thought we would see the demise of books with the arrival of Kindles and tablets, but quite the reverse has happened, and the book industry has seen a resurgence. Figures show that the sales of ebooks were down 16% in 2016 (from the previous year), and that even millennials are reflecting this trend in favour of the traditional paper medium.

So what is it that has changed? Well, we can see that with books, the tactile element and the enjoyment of browsing and buying within a real bookstore, has increased in popularity? Even Amazon are buying into bookstores. Therefore, we can assume that the physical, immersive experience of reading a book, turning the pages, anticipating what will be revealed, is a real pleasure.

This, of course, becomes even more apparent with a beautifully designed and printed brochure, catalogue or magazine. As consumers, we like to be inspired. How many times have you sat down and thumbed through the pages of a good-quality brochure and imagined yourself on that holiday, driving that car or living in that dream home? We cannot help but be inspired and, therefore, how powerful is print?

Brochures and catalogues are enjoying a renaissance; they are versatile, inspirational, they instil a level of trust, information and increase brand awareness.

Global brands recognise how effective catalogues are as a significant sales tool. Together with their websites, call centres and retail outlets, they can measure accurately the effectiveness via printed codes and voucher offers.

Brochures and catalogues benefit from ease of use, portability and repeat use. Information is readily available and easily displayed on a page – which is sometimes not the case with e-commerce when the search to find other models, colours and sizes, leads to frustration.

We are now finding that online shops are starting to offer a printed brochure to increase trust and brand awareness. A digital-to-print strategy, for example, delivering a printed voucher/offer/product leaflet with an online order goes a long way to encourage further purchases from an online retailer.

Create a striking design, use a special paper and give your customers added valuable content to enhance their experience of your brand and to ensure repeat business.

Retailers who use an omnichannel strategy, recognise the importance of integrating a printed brochure or catalogue into their mix. Anyone with a certain ability can launch a website, but to increase a brand’s trust and credibility, a versatile, expertly crafted brochure, can play an important role in a company’s marketing and will continue to do so for many more years.

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